Running Explained In Taylor Swift Gifs

You get the brilliant idea to start running!


And you realize after your first few runs that running isn’t that bad.


So you decide to signup for your first race.


You start looking at the long list of training plans. 

giphy (1)

And realize you can’t do this alone so you look for a group of runners. 


Then you find your first running buddy!

giphy (16)

You start training and realize you’re always hungry and can eat anything.


As time passes you start to get pretty good at this running thing.

giphy (17)

Even through some of the bad days you realize it’s not that bad. #NoBadDays


You become one of the worst people in the world as you tapper for your race.

giphy (20)

It’s the night before your race and you can’t sleep.


Race day comes and no matter how calm you seem this is you inside.


Getting to the starting line can make you feel like suffocating sometimes.


You find your groove for the first time and it’s the best feeling ever.


You reach that point during the race and regret deciding to ever do this.


But then you pass the finish line and you want to do is eat anything in sight.


And all you can think about is doing it all over again.




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