What I Learned When I Stopped Going to Yoga…

12107221_10153693271804846_5269996153370044395_nand why I will never stop going again.

I remember reading a few posts from a friend of mine about her yoga practice and I was looking for something new so I decided to give it a shot and signup for a few classes my Sophomore year of college. I didn’t expect a whole lot from the classes besides a good way to stretch out and keep my body running. I was never really a spiritual or religious person but after the first class I definitely felt something different in that department. Maybe it was the fact that my first class ever was a Bikram class and I had no idea I had to bring some water, or something completely different, but I felt new in a way I couldn’t completely express after I crawled off my mat.

I remember being hooked after the second class and from that point on if I wasn’t thinking about running I was definitely thinking about yoga. That was some time ago and after going to class and practicing regularly for 2 years I stopped all of sudden. I can’t pinpoint the exact time that I stopped or what it is that caused me to do so but I just let my mat collect dust in the corner of my room. Things were going alright after I stopped going to class; for all I knew nothing was missing at all. But after a few years of absolutely no yoga I decided it was time to start practicing again. So I picked up my mat, bought a yoga book and signed up for unlimited yoga classes. Once I stepped back on my mat I realized something instantly.


I realized that something was missing this entire time. I lost connection with myself. I still don’t think I’m a spiritual person but practicing yoga definitely makes me realize so much more about myself. I feel like everyone should at least give their practice a shot. It doesn’t matter if you’re spiritual or not yoga is just as therapeutic as running. In fact I feel that some of the things I realize during my practice only grow into something bigger as I meditate on them during my runs.

Remember: Be inspired by the challenges put in front of you and love the process. Let go of the things you think are holding you back.


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