FBF: 2 Years Ago


And boy have they flown by. I miss the me above. It’s been extremely hard lacing up and getting out the door lately. Has anyone else felt this way? Every since I was roughed up at the beginning of last year I just can’t see to get my legs under me. I haven’t been running much at all like my old self and that is a little bit of an understatement. It is not due to the lack of me not wanting to run but it is mentally and almost physically impossible to walk out the door and get a run in. I miss the way I felt when I was running, I missed the thoughts I had while on the trail but most of all I miss surprising myself.

I need draw a mental line in the sand and get out there. My racing flats deserve another chance to be out on the road. I owe it to myself to break my half marathon PR. But there is still hope. I have an amazing coach and an awesome team of supportive ladies. I need to remember how far I’ve come. I need to remember that I have a team behind ready to rally me on.

Give me speed
Give me strength
Let me fly

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