February of Cycling


I’ve learned a lot of things in February; one of the main things is that I actually love cycling! Over the past 2 years running just quite hasn’t been working out for me. I know February isn’t quite over yet but I did want to go over a few the past 30 days.


The month started with a bike tune-up, the purchase of a Wahoo-Kikr (a smart-trainer for indoor training), along with clip in shoes. With the new kicks and a bike feeling brand new I had all the motivation I needed to get out the door every day. The first week was a little light on miles as I started to get used to riding and gauging just how far I could go without killing myself.

During the next two weeks I worked up the courage to venture out of my comfort zone and get a few longer rides in. Along with that my wattage started to increase. The final week I truly found my stride. With 4 double-digit days I was able to reach 82.5 miles and really start pushing the wattage and pace.

What I realized during all these miles is how much I really did miss getting outside. Weight gain and running with all the weight was making the process and being outside less enjoyable due to aches and pains that would hold me back. I found freedom on the bike, I could push myself like I used to, and being outside was AMAZING! So what’s in store for the future? I signed up for a cycling 50 miler in May and I’m sticking with Pinkfeathers to get me to the finish-line and beyond.


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