Breaking Barriers


I’ve been scared of these numbers. Seems like a funny thing to say but screw it. Time to break some of these PRs. I haven’t thought about these numbers in a long time. I think I was ignoring them because I felt that they were impossible a part of a past that would never be revisited. While watching someone give it their all and try and break a 2-hour marathon all I could think is why the hell not just go out and try to break some of my barriers. It reminded me of why I started running, what it felt like to be out there and feel my feet pound against the pavement.

It was time to get some new shoes, lace them up and say “fuck it, let’s make this happen once and for all”. Even though these PRs are from a couple years ago; where my current fitness stands feels like a world apart from then. Biking has help me get my fitness out of a completely sedentary state. I’ve dropped a few pounds so fingers crossed my back and joints don’t hurt when I run. The next steps are just that, getting out the door and putting one foot in front of the other. I can’t thank Pink Feathers enough for standing in my corner through my inconsistency and help me power through this phase of running life. Time to find out which PR I want to break first.

I miss writing about my running journey like I did on my old blog. I feel like it was a way to keep me motivated and on track. I also miss the community it built. So I want to hear from you now. What are some of your barriers that you are training to break?


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