Q&A: Kaley Klasson


I got the chance to catch up with my first yoga instructor. I stepped into her class during my Junior year of college about 5 years ago and she has sincerely changed my view on life and how I approach my practice. Her classes and knowledge had always hit home and were not only challenging but eye-opening.

What got you into the practice?

My father. He invited me to my first Bikram class when I was sixteen after a dance injury. I loved the heat and physicality of Bikram, but didn’t leave the studio feeling inspired. Then four days later he took me to a vinyasa studio that I would later teach at, I left feeling connected, inspired and rinsed out! I’ve practiced nearly every day since that flow class.

What is your philosophy about your yoga practice?

I can summarize my yoga practice in five words: Breath. Movement. Intention. Delight. Exploration.

What is a tool in order to remember your intention in class?

Create a pre-class ritual. As student and teacher I have a prayer + affirmation + intention that I repeat everyday before I step into the studio. The structure of this practice stays similar from day to day but I make minor adjustments to my ritual as it feels like a natural and good fit for me. This art of proclamation helps me set the intentional pace for my practice and/or teachings.

What drew you to teaching?

My love for the transformational blessings & benefits of yoga and thus my exceptional hunger to share this ancient practice with the world.

What is your proudest moment as a teacher?

Co-facilitating a yoga teacher training in Africa for under-privileged youth. It was life changing.

What is your most impactful memory when it comes to your yoga practice?

My most cherished memory as a yoga student is meeting two of my best friends at my first training in upstate New York seven years ago. I still talk to Victoria and David nearly every week. On the last day the three of us held hands in svasana and for however silly it sounds, I knew in that moment that we would be soulfully and intrinsically connected forever.

Share something about you that your past students may not know?

Hmm. This is a really broad strokes question.
My biggest vices are: coffee, talk shows and reading the last sentence of a book before I start the first chapter.

What are your three favorite songs and one song you have to have in a playlist?

There are two songs I include on almost every yoga playlist.

  1. Bowspirit by Balmorhea
  2. Hari Om (Tiruvannalalai) by Janet Stone

My three favorite songs right now are:

  1. I’ll Let You Know by David Hazeltine
  2. Para Que Sufrir by Natalia Lafourcade
  3. Anything on the Lemonade album by Beyonce

If you had one day and zero responsibilities and could travel anywhere what would you do?

Spend a day in Paris with my man. Yoga and coffee would be a must. Other than that I would delight in simply exploring the city at our leisure.

Sidenote: After sharing this with my boyfriend he disagreed. He thought my perfect day would be spent playing with baby elephants in one of our most favorite places–South Africa. But I still think elephants would come in a close second to France and all of her artistic, culinary and romantic charm.

What do you find you are dreaming about the most?

Anything and everything. I’m a dreamer, but I’m also very much a doer; so I like to think they balance each other out quite well.

If you could give only 1 piece of advice to someone practicing yoga what would it be?

Let yourself be led.

These Shoes


These shoes have witnessed more miles this year than any others in the past 2 years combined. That isn’t saying much as the past two years I never got out of the double digits for the whole year but it’s a start. Gad to finally be getting out the door and on my feet. Now I’m just hoping that I can keep it up. Yesterday’s run wasn’t a pretty one, in fact most of them haven’t been recently, but right now that isn’t the point. Just getting any kind of miles in is a win in my book.

Have my first track workout coming up and it should be a good one. 10 minute warmup followed by 2 mile of straights and curves. Lately my stamina has been non-existent but I’m not focusing on what I used to be.

(Side note) I also took the plunge and bought myself a pair of Women’s Lululemon tights (Inspire Tight ii (Mesh)). I was looking for Men’s but they didn’t have  any in the store. I don’t care what anyone thinks, tights are tights and these felt amazing so if it fits… It was a little weird at the store since I did get nervous and told them they were for someone else so I wasn’t able to try them on but I was glad they fit when I home (phew).

What I Learned When I Stopped Going to Yoga…

12107221_10153693271804846_5269996153370044395_nand why I will never stop going again.

I remember reading a few posts from a friend of mine about her yoga practice and I was looking for something new so I decided to give it a shot and signup for a few classes my Sophomore year of college. I didn’t expect a whole lot from the classes besides a good way to stretch out and keep my body running. I was never really a spiritual or religious person but after the first class I definitely felt something different in that department. Maybe it was the fact that my first class ever was a Bikram class and I had no idea I had to bring some water, or something completely different, but I felt new in a way I couldn’t completely express after I crawled off my mat.

I remember being hooked after the second class and from that point on if I wasn’t thinking about running I was definitely thinking about yoga. That was some time ago and after going to class and practicing regularly for 2 years I stopped all of sudden. I can’t pinpoint the exact time that I stopped or what it is that caused me to do so but I just let my mat collect dust in the corner of my room. Things were going alright after I stopped going to class; for all I knew nothing was missing at all. But after a few years of absolutely no yoga I decided it was time to start practicing again. So I picked up my mat, bought a yoga book and signed up for unlimited yoga classes. Once I stepped back on my mat I realized something instantly.


I realized that something was missing this entire time. I lost connection with myself. I still don’t think I’m a spiritual person but practicing yoga definitely makes me realize so much more about myself. I feel like everyone should at least give their practice a shot. It doesn’t matter if you’re spiritual or not yoga is just as therapeutic as running. In fact I feel that some of the things I realize during my practice only grow into something bigger as I meditate on them during my runs.

Remember: Be inspired by the challenges put in front of you and love the process. Let go of the things you think are holding you back.


Running And Yoga Make Me Feel…


  • Free
  • Calm
  • Strong
  • Fast
  • Relaxed
  • Confident
  • Flexible
  • Happy
  • Angry
  • Scared
  • Triumph
  • Driven
  • Complete

It is not about only feeling the good feelings but feeling the entire spectrum. I am beginning to realize that I am scared of failing more and more each day. It’s been a long time since I ran and I’m scared of finding out just how out of shape I am. I miss running more than ever right now.

Bring it on world, I’m ready!